About us


Our efficiency bases on three business branches:

trading: recycling: consulting:
  • take delivery on electronic scrap, especially on assembled and unassembled printed circuit boards
  • take delivery on drilling and milling dust from PCB production
  • take delivery on scraps containing precious metals
  • mechanical benefication of assembled and unassembled PCB`s and basic scraps from primary production
  • 100% recovery of the occuring recyclates 
  • re-use of metal fractions
  • recovery of plastic recyclates 
  • provision of an external safety engineer
  • provision of an external environmental officer
  • consulting during the implementation of the  DIN 14001
  • consulting during the implementation of an 
    h & s management
  • lectures on current topics concerning environmental and
    h & s management

            The solutions for this kind of problems - unique on the market!

If you want to manage your business intelligently, we ought to talk to each other!