- Intelligent environmental management! - 

win-win strategy:

clients - staff - environment - MPM
Due to our responsibility as a typical medium-sized enterprise nowadays we meet more than ever the constantly rising  requirements of an ever changing market. Speed, flexibility, price and quality are the cornerstones of our economical succes.
In addition to the classical customer needs the recycling business is characterized by special challenges: continuously increasing legal requirements and an ecological postulate of a future-oriented and environmentally friendly handling of our resources. Instead of short-termed success-thinking the
MPM Environment Intelligence GmbH

has made it its business to practice a calculable and long-termed company policy profitable for all involved parties

we guarantee our clients an ecological and safe removal of their special waste
we offer our staff a secure and reliable job
we contribute importantly to our environment in an ecological way
we invest in our company in a future-oriented way to enable even tomorrow an:

 - Intelligent environmental management! -